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We are the only rowing club in WA with a primary presence at the Champion Lakes Regatta Centre - an international standard facility for rowing, kayaking and dragon boating.

The Champion Lakes Boating Club was formed in July 2008 and is unique to Western Australia. Based at Champion Lakes Regatta Centre it is the only WA aquatic club combining four disciplines of rowing, dragon boating, kayaking and radio controlled sailing.


The rowing division of the club was founded with the support of boats on loan from “Westies” and Rowing WA who provided resources for Learn to Row courses. Notable drivers for the club in its early years were Pamela Pearson (Rowing Coordinator 2009-2013) and Daniel Foucar (Captain of Boats 2009-2015).


In 2009, the club made its first appearance in competitive regattas with four inaugural racers; Pamela Pearson, Daniel Foucar, Huntz Thieme and Jadon Stevens. In this year Daniel Foucar won the club’s first state title. Rowing programmes were commenced in local schools - Kelmscott Senior High School and Southern River College. This provided the grounding for a number of talented rowers, including Kate Farley who achieved state selection later in her career.


Our club is the youngest rowing club in the state and is unique in being the only club in the state with a primary presence at the Champion Lakes Regatta Centre. We have a small but enthusiastic membership base and welcome people of all ages and abilities to join our rowing family.

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